1930’s day at Cragside

To celebrate the opening of the school in 1937, we all dressed up and went back in time on Wednesday! Everyone got involved and there were some fantastic outfits, hair and moustaches! We started the day with a special assembly which included a guest appearance from a former pupil from 1937! There were old fashioned lessons and drill. The school dinner of mince and dumplings was a highlight and I don’t think anyone got the strap from Mr Howard. A special concert with ‘Vera Lynn’ rounded off what was a wonderful day. Take a look…

80th Celebration Week

We have had so much fun finding out about what life would have been like for children who were at Cragside eighty years ago. There have been all kinds of activities going on across the school from dancing and war time songs to ‘Make, do and mend’. Here are some pictures from the week…

Cragside’s best bread ever!


On the 18th of October, Year 3 made bread dough to cook on the campfire. First we mixed flour, water and sugar. We put flour on our hands so it didn’t get too sticky. Carefully we rolled the dough into a fat worm shape. After that we twisted it around a stick ready to go on the fire. We were very hungry and excited.

In the afternoon, Mr Hall ( who is a fireman) came to light the fire. The fire was very smokey but it kept us warm. He wore special gloves so he didn’t get burnt. The gloves felt rough. Once the fire had burned down, we started to cook the bread. We let the bread cool down . Gingerly , Miss Whitehead peeled the bread off the stick and we slopped jam all over it. We ate it hungrily as it was scrumptious. We did end up with a little bit of jam on our faces. We had a spectacularly messy time.

Year 3 would like to give special thanks to Mr Hall and Mr Briganti for giving us such a wonderful afternoon.

Rising Sun Country Park

Rising Sun Hill


On the 10th of October, Cragside Primary School went on a trip to Rising Sun Country Park. We were so excited on the bus. Eagerly, we leapt off the bus and ran into the centre. Carefully, Ed explained that we would split into groups and do activities. Some of us went to build dens. The sun shone through the trees but the giant sticks we used were still damp and cold. It was harder than we thought it would be and we weren’t sure our den was very waterproof. Later on, we swapped to have a go at lighting fires using flint and steel. It was very smoky but our guide was funny.  We were all successful lighting our cotton wool. Hungrily, we went for lunch as we were excited to play in the playpark. In the afternoon, our guide Chris taught us to orientate the map and we started to navigate our way to Rising Sun Hill. Suddenly, Chris was lost and needed our help to find the way. Luckily, we chose the right path and began to scramble up the hill. At the top, we saw a rainbow and a kestrel looking for prey. We returned to the bus and we were completely exhausted. Everybody had a wonderful day.